Say Goodbye to Work-Life Balance…Hello Harmony


Ever heard of work-life balance? Of course, you have! It’s that mythical beast we’re all supposed to be chasing after, trying to perfectly portion our day into neatly equal slices of ‘work’ and ‘life’. But let’s be real: when was the last time anyone achieved a perfect 50-50 split? Even 70-30? If you have, please contact me immediately; I have so many questions.

The term ‘work-life balance’ feels a bit outdated, like flip phones or movie rental stores. The term that I like to use with my clients is ‘work-life harmony.’ Yes, harmony—as in what your yoga instructor is probably better at achieving than you. But don’t worry, this isn’t about twisting yourself into a pretzel.

The Limitations of Balance

First off, the idea of balance is a tad unrealistic. Balance implies a delicate positioning, where each aspect of your life must be weighed against the other to avoid tipping the scale. It’s a static state, suggesting that once achieved, any additional input could disrupt everything. But life isn’t static—it’s dynamic and ever-changing. Aiming for strict balance can often lead to a sense of failure when the scales inevitably tip.

Balance? That’s for gymnasts. We, the mere mortals who juggle emails and laundry simultaneously, need something that adapts to the chaos. Balance is rigid. It’s old-school. It’s your grandma’s rotary phone—charming but not quite up to speed. Life isn’t static—it’s wildly dynamic. Striving for perfect balance is like trying to staple Jell-O to a wall. Good luck with that.

Embracing Harmony

Work-life harmony offers a different perspective. It recognizes that life ebbs and flows, and our focus and energies shift accordingly. Some days work may take precedence, requiring more of our time and energy, while other days personal life fills more space. Workplace culture expert Michael Burchell captures it well: “It’s not about how much time you spend at home or at work; it’s about how the outcomes feel.” It’s about integration, not separation.

Work-life balance is one of the most revisited topics I have with CEOs and C-suite executives. The illusion or notion that it exists and is a destination that is achievable is one of the biggest fallacies created. Spoiler Alert: There will always be something. That being said, one can find peace by embracing life’s ebs and flows. Being comfortable with what is – and not assigning good or bad attachment – is the root of harmony.

Here’s a handy framework I have been using to fine-tune the notion of harmony in my own life and I’d love to hear if you have any tips of your own:

Work-Life Harmony Framework

Sync Your Rhythms

  • Find your peak hours and let them dictate your hustle.
  • Delegate like a boss—drop the mic on energy vampires.

Set Up Your Sanctuary

  • Craft a workspace that feels more spa, less cell.
  • Communicate your vibe to your tribe—transparency is king.

Embrace Your Inner DJ

  • Mix work and play with DJ-like finesse—scratch the routine.
  • Align your work beats with your life tunes—they should complement, not clash.

Take Quality Breaks

  • Regular breaks are your VIP backstage passes to sanity.
  • Treat vacations like sacred retreats—recharge, refresh, revive.

Wrapping It Up

Work-life harmony isn’t about keeping score; it’s about blending the flavors of your life into an experience that delights. So next time you feel like you’re in a circus act, remember: it’s not about juggling—it’s about orchestrating.

Mix it, don’t measure it—find your work-life harmony! #WorkLifeHarmony #LifeHacks #ZenInTheTrenches