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Just how good are you? Ever wondered what it takes to become truly influential? In under 5 minutes, we will help you discover your personal performance score. At the end you can schedule a FREE consultation to unveil tangible action steps to improve. Get a headstart on your next career move today.

Calling All Trailblazers

Is Your Career Investment Worthy?

Did you know that within just 7 seconds, someone can already have a first impression of you? Makes you think, doesn’t it? Are you ready to make those seconds count?

If you’re not, it might mean missing out on a lot—think career advancement, a significant deal, new leads, an exclusive invitation, a chance to speak at an event, or even the opportunity to pitch your company. If you are looking to make a career move then don’t do it without having clarity around the current level of investment appeal your personal brand has. When you don’t take charge of your brand, you leave it in the hands of others, and what they say about you when you’re not around can impact your time, compensation, and valuable resources.

Our process is not about generating superficial online personas. Brand building is not a social media impression game, it is about engagement and personal alignment. At Anthem Alchemist, we teach you how to craft an intentional self-presentation and roadmap that leads to authentic connections, work you love, and more opportunities.

Lets Change the Game!


of Executive Recruiters

conduct online research of potential candidates.


of Employers

have chosen not to hire a candidate based on what they have found online.


of American Consumers

trust someone who has a respected personal brand.
–Brand Builders

What We Do

We Craft Thoughtful Leaders That Influence

Step 1: Benchmark

Begin your journey by discovering your PBP™ score to uncover how your unique personal brand currently resonates in the professional landscape.

Step 2: Discover

Uncover your unique brand anthem to cut through the noise, communicate your value, and capture your audience’s attention.

Step 3: Ignite

Achieve your biggest goals with unparalleled precision through strategic planning, personalized coaching, and our proprietary PBP™ Impact Roadmap to align your vision, analytics, and unique value.

Power To Your Brand

Are you the CEO of You? It is more vital than ever to treat your career like the investment it is. Through our proprietary insights we can give you the best opportunities to plot your growth and advancement. Discover your Personal Brand Performance™ Score and the action steps to improve.

Have you ever thought... Am I maximizing my worth?

Unlock Your Potential

Jump Off the Page

Anthem Alchemist will help you take the guesswork out of discovering your strengths and areas of improvements. After we unveil your results we move quickly to help you strategically position yourself for your next role. We offer DIY roadmaps and comprehensive 1:1 coaching options to support your journey every step of the way.

Benefits of an Authentic Personal Brand

Boosted Visibility

Expansive Network

Amplified Opportunities

Elevated Income

Thought Leadership

Career Fulfillment

Embrace the Power of Connection

Put the pieces of your story together

The future of career success is about communicating with emotion and authenticity. Our PBP™ Scorecard and coaching program will help you effortlessly tap into and communicate your value.

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