We Craft Thoughtful Leaders That Influence

Our Mission

Anthem Alchemist is driven by a powerful purpose: to help craft your brand legacy by unlocking your 10x potential.

We are on a mission to help professionals maximize their brand impact with career strategy tools and coaching that focus on performance and emphasize the relationship between brand-building efforts and financial results.

In today’s competitive career landscape, success hinges on data-driven personal branding efforts. We equip our clients daily with a unique blend of data insights, personal development resources, and coaching, all designed to boost their potential and drive exceptional success.

Our Values


We are driven by a belief that everyone’s journey is unique, and committed to helping each client define their own path to success. We understand that purpose is the driving force behind meaningful achievements, and we are here to nurture and amplify that purpose in every person we serve.


We understand that success is not only about personal achievement but also the positive influence and meaningful change one can effect. Through the power of data, personalized assessments, and dedicated coaching, we empower individuals to discover, refine, and leverage their innate strengths, skills, and passions to make a tangible difference in their lives and the lives of those they touch.


We foster a network of professionals who uplift, inspire, and collaborate with one another. We facilitate connections that transcend boundaries and create a sense of belonging, ensuring that our clients never walk their personal brand journey alone.


We firmly believe staying relevant is the cornerstone of enduring success, and we pledge to support our clients in their journey to relevance and beyond. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry trends and insights, ensuring that our clients receive the most up-to-date guidance and strategies. We empower professionals to continually refine their personal brands, align them with their evolving goals, and position themselves as leaders in their fields.


We empower individuals to actively participate in creating their success stories. We believe that when individuals deeply engage in their personal brand journeys, they become agents of change, leaders in their fields, and champions of their destinies.
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Our Story

Redefining Personal Branding

At Anthem Alchemist, our journey began with a vision, sparked by the experiences of our founder, Krista Wickens. Picture this: talented professionals with stellar records, yet somehow remaining in the shadows. They had the ideas, the drive, the credentials, but were still overlooked. This was the puzzle that Krista noticed time and again. It was a story repeated in offices and boardrooms everywhere.

This led to our ‘aha’ moment – a realization of a gap in the market for personal branding that delved deeper than mere image crafting. Our approach? A unique performance framework rooted in personal and professional development, coupled with data-driven insights. We’ve seen firsthand the transformation it can bring – turning overlooked professionals into standout market leaders.

Our Alchemy: A Three-Phased Approach to Personal Brand Performance

  • Benchmark Phase: It all starts with understanding where you stand. Our proprietary Personal Brand Performance Score (PBP™) lays the groundwork, giving you a clear picture of your brand’s current appeal, recognition, and differentiation.
  • Discover Phase: This is where the magic happens. Diving deep into your personal brand, we uncover your unique strengths and align them with your professional goals. It’s a journey of self-discovery as much as brand enhancement.
  • Ignite Phase: Armed with insights, we then chart your path forward with a tailor-made strategic roadmap. This isn’t just about fine-tuning your brand; it’s about aligning it with your ambitions, supported by mentorship and skill development.

We invite you to start your journey with us. It’s not just about branding. It’s about discovering who you are and how you can make your mark in the world. Connect with us, and let’s explore how we can help add power to your brand.

Our Strategy

Quantify Your Brand

The PBP™ Score is a powerful metric that measures your professional brand’s performance across various key branding dimensions. It’s also the heart of our methodology. With this score as your guide, you’ll be able to identify areas for improvement, optimize your brand for maximum impact, and better control your personal and professional image to create more success and impact in this world.

Discover Your Value

Your goal should be to ensure the narrative created about you is accurate, coherent, compelling, and differentiated. We’re not just developing your story. We’re helping you understand how you’re being “seen” and guiding you to “show yourself” in an infinitely more genuine way. Our methodology highlights your unique strengths and talents, allowing you to shine in an impactful way.

Position Like a Boss

The most successful companies know brand positioning is the foundation of brand building. They are strategic in crafting the benefits they offer, to whom they offer them, and why those benefits matter. The result: they capture market share, gain pricing power, preempt commodification, and capitalize on recurring revenue growth. And guess what? Your brand is no different. With our personal development guidance, you will learn how to 10x your value too!

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd?

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Meet the Team

Krista Wickens

Founder & CEO

With over 25 years of experience blending entrepreneurial energy and C-suite strategic insight, Krista has navigated diverse roles across health, wellness, sports, nutrition, apparel, fitness, eyewear, hospitality, and pet care industries. Holding an MBA and degrees in Communications and HR Management, her journey has been about merging in-depth business understanding with effective people management.

As a seasoned business strategist and coach, she has co-founded and successfully exited two of her own companies and guided her clients through the intricacies of scaling and transitioning their own businesses. In the corporate world she has spearheaded innovative product launches with fitness giants like Reebok, NordicTrack, Gold’s Gym, and iFIT, and has authored and sold three patented products and five trademarks. Her creation of the first credentialed Canine Fitness Training Program at the University of Tennessee stands as a testament to her ability to identify and fill unique market niches.

Passionate about mentoring in entrepreneurship and career development, she aims to empower others with the insights gained from her diverse experiences. Outside of professional spheres, she enjoys cycling, hiking, skiing, Pilates, and traveling, while embracing the joys of motherhood with her two boys.


Rachel Clair, PhD

Founder of Book Bound Journey

Dr. Rachel Clair is a bestselling Forbes Books nonfiction ghostwriter, book coach, and editor specializing in self-help, personal development, and memoirs. She has a PhD in health psychology, an MFA in creating writing, and a Master of Science in psychology. She’s passionate about helping people navigate planning, writing, editing, and publishing books through coaching, workshops, and speaking. In her free time, she enjoys camping, knitting, and homesteading.

Wendy Campbell

Founder, That Independent Streak Podcast

Wendy Campbell, a seasoned radio broadcasting personality, transitioned her passion for storytelling from the airwaves to the digital realm. Armed with an Executive MBA from the University of Denver, she has carved a niche for herself as a dynamic digital marketer, leveraging her communication skills to engage audiences across platforms. As the charismatic host of “That Independent Streak” podcast, Wendy continues to captivate listeners with her insightful interviews and thought-provoking discussions on a diverse range of topics.